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6 Months of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

6 months, already. It feels like just yesterday I was coming out as trans, and here I am 6 months later with breasts and all.

For anyone who may not know, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a treatment for trans individuals which replaces their naturally produced sex hormones and replaces them with those of their preferred gender.

Starting hormone replacement therapy

I was absolutely over the moon when I started HRT, I can vividly remember it being a sunny Saturday when I popped into town to get my oestrogen! (I can fully imagine that I may sound like a drug addict right now).

But before that, my GP appointment in Edinburgh went really well - and I got an injection of a testosterone blocker (which, might I add, made me walk like a wanky donkey for a good 2 days).

The first 3 months

This time period was probably when I started to see the most noticeable changes.

First of all, I was a mooooody cow for so long! It was probably just my body adjusting to the new hormone levels - but it was definitely not a fun experience for my family friends, and especially the guy I was speaking to at the time.

Thankfully, my skin started to clear up - it's still not perfect, but if you have read my previous blogs, you will know that hormone levels (especially androgen levels) have a huge effect on your skin.

Toward the 2 month mark, I started to develop what are known as "knots", which are basically the when you start developing breast tissue. They hurt like a female dog! But they just turn into normal great tissue after a couple more weeks.

How corona affected my transition

I was lucky enough to start my transition JUST before all the restrictions surrounding corona occurred, however I was not able to go to Edinburgh for my 3 month check up - so I just had a Skype call with my doctor and I was prescribed my standard dose of oestrogen and a new oral testosterone blocker - as I was unable to attend the clinic to get an injection.

Overall, my transition was not greatly affected by the pandemic which I am very grateful for.

Where I am today

Today, I am 6 months on hormone replacement therapy and I couldn't be happier.

Apart from the occasional dizziness and mood swing, I have had no complaints whatsoever.

I have notice further fat redistribution on my body- mainly going toward my cheeks on the face, and my hips. I still have the figure of a stick insect, but I'm not going to blame that on hormones.

My mood has definitely leveled out and I am feeling more like myself than ever.

Where I hope to be in the future

Hopefully oestrogen will continue doing its thing - and I will be able to enjoy a fuller chest, clearer and softer skin, as well as feeling more and more like myself (aka beautiful).

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