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Is Being Trans a Trend (Trans-Trenders)

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

HhhHmmMmmmm. I am really struggling to get started on this article, because I wouldn't ever want to offend anyone. And I must say that most trans individuals are genuinely trans. That being said, some individuals do use the label 'trans' to gain popularity, and treat it as a trend.

Being Trans isn't (supposed to be) a trend

For most trans individuals, it's offensive to think that they might be transitioning for attention. I think it's important to say, that if someone tells you that they are trans, then you should validate their experience as much as possible.

We are not here to be popular or to 'try something new'. This is genuinely us, and you shouldn't doubt that.


... that being said, on a very very rare occasion - some individuals may try being part of the trans community to gain likes and followers. These individuals are usually not confused, but simply label themselves as trans without understanding what it is like to be trans.

The negative impact of trans-trenders

Trans-trenders usually play an exaggerated and unrealistic version of real trans people.

Trans representation is extremely important, but we would like it to be mainly a positive representation.

Trans-trenders usually don't present as trans (differently from their assigned sex) outside their homes, therefore when you see them, you don't see a trans person. As trans people are not simply cross-dressers.

Confused yet?

I know, sometimes it's hard to know if someone is a trans-tender or not. But my best advice would be to treat everyone with respect, and trust that the person in front of you (or on your screen) is who they say they are.

Remember, if all else fails - just be a kind human being.

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