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Trans Lingo. Transgender Terms

Whilst exploring the transgender community, you learn a whole new array of vocabulary which helps navigate through our world. Today, I'd like to share a few slang terms from the trans/LGBT community - some of which you may already know.


A T-girl is referring to a transgender girl (some who was born male but identifies as a girl/woman).

A T-guy is referring to a transgender guy (someone who was born female but identifies as a guy/man).

"T-girls and T-guys are accepting who they are"


The word fish refers to a trans girl or drag queen (which are very different things) looking very feminine - typically when they have a lot of makeup on and they 'pass' as a girl.

"You're looking fish tonight gurl!"


Unclockable is used to describe a trans person when no one could tell they were trans.

"No body could clock that she was trans, totally unclockable"


A term used to refer to someone who can 'pass' or be seen as their preferred gender.

"He is totally passable!"


When a transgender guy binds his breasts to make them appear flatter to relieve gender dysphoria. This involving binding material around the chest to squash the breasts.

"I have binded today, so that I feel less dysphoric and comfortable"


When a transgender girl hides her genitalia through tightly packing it to relieve gender dysphoria.

"I tucked to relieve some of my dysphoria"

E / T

E refers to oestrogen and T refers to testosterone.

"I forgot to take my E this morning, I'll have to take it later"

Top Surgery

For trans girls, top surgery means getting breast implants to enlarge their chests and look more feminine.

For trans guys, top surgery means surgically removing any breast tissue they may have to achieve a flat chest.

"He has had his top surgery and feels really confident in a tank-top now"

Bottom Surgery

Surgery which gives trans people their desired genitalia.

"I can't wait to get my bottom surgery"


FFS stands for facial feminisation surgery, for trans women who want their face to appear more feminine.

"FFS has really helped me feel more confident in my own skin"


FMS stands for facial masculinisation surgery, for trans men who want their face to appear more masculine.

"FMS gave me the strong jawline I always dreamt of"


Stands for hormone replacement therapy. Replacing naturally produced ones with those of someone's preferred gender.

"I started HRT when I was 18 years old"

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