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Sharing personal stories and relevant topics surrounding my transition,  current transgender issues, and educating people about the LGBT+ community.

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Sharing beauty advice, trends and a scientific background to cosmetics. With a focus on cosmetic ingredients and how they work in every-day products.


Sebrina Fatz


Beauty has driven me all my life, I will never be interested in the specific heat capacity of water - or what axis the world spins on.

But I can acknowledge that there is some science to beauty, and that we are all capable of feeling beautiful in our own skin.

Being able to love yourself is a very powerful skill, which many people underestimate. Being transgender has taught me that being able to accept yourself and love the person you are can open many doors for you.

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Hi, I am the editor for this blog, I proofread the blogs before they are uploaded and check they’re good to go. I enjoy the opportunity to read something I normally wouldn’t (I’m not that into beauty techniques – I’m more of a ‘whatever works, right?’ kind of person!) and develop my skills as an editor, as well as supporting a good friend.

I study psychology at university and I absolutely love it, I find it fascinating to understand human behaviour. But I also adore reading, I am an avid reader and want to become an author, one day. In my free time I’m either reading, spending quality time with my dog, or improving my writing skills.


BX Illustration


I’ve never been the best at writing about myself, as you can probably tell from this. Instead, I’ve always found it easier to express my personality and my opinions through my art and illustration.  This is also why most of the work I’ve enjoyed working on recently plays with the theme of social commentary.

I’m a student illustrator and I’m hoping to become a professional illustrator in the future.  I am in my second year studying Illustration at Lincoln University and I’m now making use of this time at home to work hard on developing my style and portfolio more.  

I created the Illustrations for the blogs digitally but I usually hand draw my work and use pen, spray paints or mixed media.

If you are interested in viewing more of my work, please visit my Instagram, or click here.

insta: @bx_illustration 

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