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Trans Issues

Trans Journey

Trans Educational




Trans Issues

Want to know more about the current issues in the trans community?


This tag covers the political, societal, and cultural issues currently affecting the transgender community and what we can do to change things.

A great way to stay up-to-date with current controversies.

Trans Journey

trans journey.png

Filter by this tag to read about my transition.

Here, I share extremely personal stories about my journey, everything from my medical and physical transition - to social changes taken place in my life all the time.

You'll find more personal stories in this category.

You can follow my journey from when I was a child up until today.


Trans Educational

We want to do our best to educate you about the trans community. Education is the best way to increase acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Use this to filter articles educating you on subjects you may not know about the transgender community, what you can do to be an ally, and help educate yourself, and others, about these subjects.



A positive attitude is key, so this tag can filter by blogs that aim to motivate, inspire, and encourage you to be the best person you can be!

You'll find articles which give perspective to our busy lives and help us understand what is truly important.

Click here to read feel-good articles aimed to inspire, motivate, and uplift you. 



Anything that doesn’t fall into the other categories gets tagged here, but it doesn’t mean it’s not important! Here, you can find all sorts of things that don’t fit into categories, they’re just as special.

You'll find posts celebrating our milestones, more about me, and other interesting stories.


Here, you can browse our full collection of 25+ seblog articles, if you're not sure what you're looking for, or a particular seblog post... you can find them all here:

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