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My Cosmetic Surgeries

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Being transgender, we get asked about surgery a lot.

Why do trans individuals get surgery?

Surgery is a big part of relieving gender dysphoria - and if you don't know what that is, you can read all about it here.

Surgery can make transgender individuals feel more at ease with themselves. Changing their bodies to match their gender identity can make trans individuals more comfortable.

Do all transgender people opt to have surgery?


Every trans person will want to have different types of surgery - some might even not want any surgery.

As long as the individual is happy expressing themselves and their gender dysphoria is relieved, there is no specific reason to go ahead with surgery. Remember, we are not all here to please you.

What I would like to have done:

When it comes to me, I would like a little bit of plastic surgery - but keeping it as natural looking as possible is really important to me.

Who knows? Maybe one day I will be writing a blog post titled "What I Had Done", but until then, this is my wish-list.


  • Nose job

  • Brow bone shaven down

  • Slight jaw (chin) shave

  • Hairline adjustment


  • Tracheal shave

  • 'The surgery'

Time frame:

I would love to have all these surgeries done today, but that's highly unrealistic.

You first need to find an amazing doctor and discuss in depth everything you'd like to do, and how you will look afterward.

The recovery time depends on the type of surgery you had done, however this is usually extremely long.

But, the thing that's pushing back most people's time frame is the costs!

Surgery costs:


If I won the lottery, I know exactly what I would be spending it on!

Surgery is extremely expensive, especially if you're going to a good doctor or flying abroad.

Being transgender is an expensive habit (that's a joke, don't come for me Karen).

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