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6 Months of Se - Thank You

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

20th June 2020

The day we launched was the most nerve-racking and fulfilling experiences of my life.

The idea of having my own website and creating content around topics that interested me was something that was always going to happen. If any of you know me, you'd agree that doing the bare minimum is not my style. I was always someone who got involved in extracurricular and passion projects, and that just grew as I got older.

I must admit, Se has taken up many hours - probably more than you would anticipate. But if you weren't able to tell yet, I love it.

The one-off messages I receive from you guys about articles, social media posts or just reaching out to let me know that they were inspired by the website makes it all worth it.

I started Se-beauty to delve even deeper into the cosmetics industry than what my degree was already teaching me. It has helped me so much in terms of understanding how certain processes and ingredients work, as well as giving me more insight into what career path I would like to pursue in the future.

Se-blog on the other hand, was started to educate my readers about transgender issues, my own personal journey and anything else I had on my mind. It has been very therapeutic for me, and I am so happy to be sharing my life with you guys.

At the core, this website was started to inspire self-love. Loving yourself because of how you look and feeling confident in your own skin through cosmetics and beauty regimes, as well as accepting who you are by owning your uniqueness and embracing it.

I think my own personal quote ties those two together:

"There is beauty in everyone, even trans women"

But enough about me and the website, let's talk about everyone who made these six months together incredible.

Guest Bloggers

First of all, I would like to thank all of our guest bloggers!

A massive thank you to:













Our Editor and Illustrator

I can't write a thank you post without mentioning my amazing and dedicated team.

This whole website would not have been possible without you guys, I am truly grateful to have you.

Especially my editor, she not only reads over every single article that is posted - she also gets involved in the decision making process of the website, how we see it moving forward and has been the number 1 supporter since day one. Thank you.

The Readers

I am truly grateful every day that so many of you have taken an interested in my life and my interests. Your support means everything to me, and it is only because of you, the readers and supporters - that we have come so far.

I promise you that we have some VERY exciting things planned for the future, but that's it for now.

Thank you.

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