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The Art of Never Giving Up

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The issue is rarely that you didn't have a good enough idea, not enough people saw it, or there was something wrong in your plan... The most common reason why projects don't work out is simply because you gave up too quickly.

Why do we give up so easily?

Usually when we start a new project, start a new job or set a goal - we expect the results of our work to be almost immediate. Yet, this is rarely the case.

Because we want to see results right away, we get easily disheartened to continue working on something.

Why you shouldn't give up

Giving up is usually the easy option - however if you stick with it, you will build up momentum and you will slowly be being results.

Remember, Rome was not built in a single day. Somethings need time to really flourish.

How to be more resilient

Finding resilience and the power to not give up can be hard - but always have the end goal in mind, and set manageable steps in order to get there.

Don't get disheartened when the first week doesn't work out - because over time it can only get better and better.

The results of not giving up

Once you have become committed to your project or any other form of work, you should start seeing slow but steady progress.

You can compare where you are today to where you were when you were just starting out. You will thank yourself for not giving up.

Knowing when it's over

It's all good and dandy to be resilient, however sometimes you need to let go. Knowing when you have spent enough time to see some results - but still not getting what you expected over the long-run can be an indication to either change strategy or move on.

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