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Advice to Freshers' 2020

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Congratulations, you have made it! Getting into University is not an easy thing to accomplish - so you should be very proud of yourself. Here are my tips and advice for anyone starting University in 2020.

Enjoy yourself!

Being a fresher at university is a once in a life time opportunity (for most), so you should really take advantage of all the events taking place and try your best to have a good time.

This is the best time to make new friends, so go out there and socialise!

Please still respect the government guidelines regarding the global pandemic - you'll know what the university is expecting from you.

Study hard (enough)

Ok, it may shock some of you that I'm saying this - but please don't stress about your first year at university. Most courses don't take into account the first year into the degree - so you should aim to pass, but nothing more is expected of you.

Use that other time to do things you really enjoy.

Be yourself

One of my most important tips. No one wants to be friends with a version of yourself - they will see straight past that. Just be who you innately are and you will attract the best friends.

If you don't fit in - good, at least you are interesting.

First impressions matter

As much as I don't like this idea - they do. If you make a good initial impression on someone, they are likely to hold that for a long time until they really get to know you.

During freshers' week you'll be making lots of first impressions, so look cute, and be cute.

Explore who you are

There is no better time to find yourself than when you are at university. You're likely to not know anyone, and you can really be yourself with no judgment.

If you ever wanted to try out a new hobby, explore your interests more, or explore... freshers' is the best time to do so.

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