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Bobbi Brown - Makeup Theory

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

For every makeup artist, there is a different makeup theory behind them and their work.

We can't deny that makeup artists have had great influence on the beauty industry as we see it today.

Who are the top makeup artists of our time?

  • Pat McGrath

  • Charlotte Tilbury

  • Kevyn Aucoin

  • Bobbi Brown

  • Gucci Westman

But today, we're focusing on Bobbi Brown.

Who is Bobbi Brown?

Bobbi Brown is an American makeup artist and business woman.

She finished a self-directed degree in theatrical makeup, and started working as a freelance makeup artist in New York.

She launched her own line of 10 lipsticks which were designed to 'look like lips' under the brand name of 'Bobbi Brown Essentials', which was later bought by Estée Lauder Companies Inc. in 1995.

What is Bobbi Brown's makeup theory?

There is always a theory behind makeup, and everyone has a different one.

"Makeup is an individual way of making yourself feel better about how you look"

How many times have you put on makeup, looked in a mirror and said to yourself 'I look awful', and taken it off immediately? I think we've all been there.

Bobbi Brown urges us to find beauty within ourselves, and then accentuate our best features, whilst minimising the ones we don't like.

"Find a way to feel good with yourself"

Everyone's makeup journey is different, and there is no one way to do your makeup.

Some people may absolutely despise the idea of contour, whereas some feel super confident in it. Makeup is such an individualistic subject, that we need to find what we feel good in.

"Makeup should not change the way you look"

Now this is really important. We shouldn't be aiming to change our skin colour, the structure of our bones or shape of our lips too drastically. Of course, it would be silly to say not to change them at all, because that is the whole point of makeup. But all we need to do, is slightly correct and alter what we feel we want to adjust - not fully change.

You should be able to look in the mirror and see a slightly happier and more confident version of yourself, not a whole different person.

"Makeup should enhance who you are"

You are already beautiful, and once you understand that - you won't be looking to cover your face with kilograms of makeup.

Makeup should make you feel more confident and ready to take on the world when you walk out the door, not give you a whole new persona.

Bobbi Brown, the queen of nude

If you have ever seen Bobbi Brown's makeup, you will quickly become accustomed to her style of work.

Bobbi believes in makeup that looks like your skin, lips and brows.

She chooses products which look natural and compliment the already existing beauty on a face. Her makeup line encourages nude beauty, with a touch of glamour.

Your best tools are your fingers

We are so obsessed with buying all the necessary products to make our makeup look and feel just right, on top of that, beauty companies have now told us that we need to have the right tools as well.

Bobbi uses her fingers as her go-to tool when applying most of her makeup.

Concealer, foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow... you don't need a brush or sponge for all these, your fingers will do just as fine of a job. In fact, the warmth from your fingers can slightly melt the product, which helps it apply better on the skin.

Embrace your imperfections

Bobbi believes in loving what makes you, you. She finds beauty in interesting faces, meaning that she doesn't change the features on the face which make someone special.

Some makeup artists may cover up scars on models, but not Bobbi. She embraces people's individualistic features, as she believes that's what makes them special.

The message

Not everyone is Bobbi Brown.

Not everyone has the same makeup theory.

Everyone is different.

Bobbi's makeup theory is most definitely rare and less common in the beauty industry. What she does so amazingly is inspire beauty in everyone. No matter what you look like, you are beautiful in your own unique way, and you should embrace and love that.

I hope you can see, that not everyone makeup artist is there to contour your face, give you full brows and full lips. Makeup is so personal, you have to learn how to love yourself, and learn when you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin - because makeup is powerful, and we should use it in a positive light.

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