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Top Summer Beauty Tips

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

We want to look great throughout the year.

Here are some beauty tips to make you look great during the summer, and extend your beauty to last a lifetime.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen, sunblock, sun lotion or whatever else you fancy calling it - is the most important beauty cosmetic I can recommend to anyone during the summer.

During the summer months, sun rays hit the northern hemisphere at a steeper angle - making the light more direct. This means that we are more exposed to UV light during the summer.

Sunscreens either block or absorb UV light to prevent damage to your skin.

This is very important, as UVB rays burn the top layer of the skin, and UVA rays damage the second layer of the skin - contributing to ageing.

If you would like to find out more about UV light and what it can do to your skin, click here.

Re-match your foundation and concealer

Let's face it, you're likely to get a tan during the summer. So, it's important that you foundation and concealer change with your skin.

You may consider getting a slightly deeper foundation and concealer for the summer, why not make it a little more light-weight too - live out your natural summer look fantasy.

And I know how you feel, you don't want to buy a new foundation every time your complexion slightly changes - what I like do is mix my winter foundation and summer foundation gradually. When I start catching a slight tan I will add a little of my summer foundation - the more tan I get, the more I add. Don't be afraid of mixing your foundations!

Invest in laser hair removal

Aren't you sick of shaving your legs and using hair removal products?

During the summer, more and more people take to razors and hair removal products - but why not take a more permanent route?

Laser hair removal treatments use high energy light which deactivate hair follicles from producing hair. It does take a number of treatments to achieve non-returning hair.

This is not a 'permanent' method - but it's the most long-lasting method of hair removal available.

Who doesn't want to go on holiday and not worry about shaving?

Moisturise your hair and skin

Keeping your skin and hair in good condition is important, especially during the summer.

Swimming pools, the sun, and the dry air can strip your hair and skin from moisture.

Any form of water will wash away any moisturiser or natural oils, so always moisturise after leaving the pool - moisturising sunscreens are a two-in-one solution if you're going to be exposed to the sun too.

The heat from the sun and dry air will naturally draw moisture from your epidermis, so to make sure excess water doesn't leave your skin, use a moisturiser with emollients (for very dry skin, occlusives may be suitable).

For conditioning your hair during the summer: leave your conditioning products in for at least 5 minutes and only gently rinse them off.

Wear antiperspirants and sweet-smelling fragrances

Everyone has their own perfume preferences, but a sweeter smelling scent will attract all the bees to the honey.

During the summer, it's easy to work up a sweat - which isn't the nicest smell in the world.

Make sure to apply an antiperspirant after bathing - not a deodorant. Antiperspirants will prevent you from excessively sweating in the hot weather, helping you stay cool, and smell hot.

Avoid products which leave a white residue under your arm pits though, especially when you're wearing that cute af top.

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